Best News Apps

Incase you are a news addict and you can’t just seem to stay ahead of the content that is coming your way then you might have just found your solution. It can be a daunting task searching around the news so as to find the kind of news you care about. In a bid to address that challenge most companies like Apple and Google as well as a variety of other startups are offering the best news apps that in one way or another will help you organize your news and ensure that you get the best news content that you so much care about. Most of this news is available on both Android and iOS ensuring that you use them on the smartphone of your choice.

The best news apps are picked based on their performs on different platforms such as Android and iPhones. Highlighted below are the top news apps that you should know about based on performance and user ratings.


Flipboard has established itself as one of the leading and most popular app news for both iOS and Android. And it is for the right reasons. Flipboard basically accesses content from around the world and curates the content so that you get the content that you care most first. You will get to find a tab called For you to see where you will be able to get the content that you like best as well as the option to explore stories that you might not be seeing. It has a very simple and outstanding reader that makes accessing content easy. Flipboard is available as a free app for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Apple News

If you are an owner of iPhone then Apple news comes the company’s operating systems. This implies that you are able to get the information that you need at the tips of your finger tips without having to download any additional third-party app.

Apple News launches by asking you the kind of content that you prefer. It then uses that kind of information to create a curated list of stories that might suit you. The service sends notification so as to let you know when a story comes in and in case you are a Mac user; you have the privilege to syndicate content across devices.

Bad news for Android users as Apple News is not available to you. But there is some hope that Apple will bring in its News App to Android in the near future.

Google News

Google has been a major player in the business for a very long time and its aggregation engine is regarded as one of the best in the market. For those who have been accessing news then it is pretty clear that they rely on this platform to get news. Google News is available in both Android and iPhone and offers a smart experience like no other.

Just like its competitors, Google News comes with a variety of functions for analyzing your tastes as well as delivering the kind of content that you care about. When you boot it up, you will get to see the top five stories right away. Better yet, you can find a single story or even get timeline articles that will help you see how the story has evolved over time. The App works on Google account which means that you can access the news in the mobile browser and elsewhere.

Microsoft news

Microsoft news is very similar to Google news in a lot of learns from your reading habits and picks up news on your interest and the kind of sources that you like. You can even customize these topics and search for the one that you prefer.


Feedly is a smaller news app compare to the heavyweights in the industry however it is coming on strong thanks to the very appealing designs. With Feedly, you will find an app that comes with a stripped-down design that eschews bulky banners, ugly sidebars as well as other issues. Instead, the app gives you easy access to the content that you care about through a nice full screen pane to read the articles on your phone. It also comes with a night mode for reading content in the dark.

In addition to surfacing content around the internet. Feedly also comes with artificial intelligence feature that is able to identify the kind of content that you care about and deliver it to your phone. It is available for Android and iOS and is available for free download. While many other news apps are general, this allows you to filter the content you wish to view to hyper-focused niches. The app pulls from authority sources on topics such as TNA Board for adult content, Bustle for dating and relationship news, and various tech publications, etc.


Inoreader is another small startup that is making considerable improvement in the industry. One of the greatest features of the App is its design. The apps dive feature separates content along diverse topic lines and it lets you build your own newsfeed based on the kind of content that you like. It makes visual components, like still images the center piece. It is available for Android and iOs.